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Overcoming Self Doubt


This year many people have found themselves overwhelmed with self doubt and some will even stay paralyzed with doubt, unable to get through it. It’s not uncommon to have self doubt and everyone goes through it in some stage of their life. What’s important to keep in mind is that sharing your own experiences can lead to helping others.

LAS115: Overcoming Self Doubt

Two Things You Can Do

  • Use daily positive affirmations & visualizations

  • Having faith in God

In order to get on the other side of self doubt you have to get comfortable with using positive self talk. You also must work hard to be aware of your environment. Are you surrounding yourself with a vibrant, positive community that has your best interests at heart? These are important ingredients to your success.

You have to make sure YOU want the best for yourself, too.
You have to hold yourself accountable and then you’ll attract the right people and find your tribe.

What Causes Self Doubt?
When we let things stop us from doing what we need to do, self doubt creeps in. We can’t control or worry about things that are not going the way we planned it. Something that I do to center my heart and release the worries I might have is morning meditation. Self doubt is not a sign of weakness. When you take notice of it, it can give you strength. Addressing your feeling of self doubt will make you think harder about what you’re doing and then you can take considerate actions towards feeling better.

While working in Hollywood in my twenties I met a lot of creative people and was full of hope and confidence. There were a few instances of meeting significantly successful and famous people that set me up to realize that I can do anything I put my mind to as long as I stay confident. The first was meeting Julia Roberts at a step aerobics class at my gym. Instead of being a full class, there were just the two of us participating. I found myself thinking, “I’m not in shape enough to do this, I’m just a girl from Indiana.” Although I allowed myself to think these thoughts, we ended up having a great conversation about her career and I left feeling in awe of how talented and dynamic of an actress she was at the time.

I also met Sandra Bullock at Tower Records while she was looking for CDs. I couldn’t believe the person I was standing next to and had to remind myself not to stare! When you meet someone you’ve always admired, you realize that you’ve made it farther than other people would think. Again, a young girl coming to Hollywood from Indiana and meeting famous actresses taught me that I can’t be intimidated because there are women out there that have set the bar so high for the rest of us.

Even when you walk into places feeling vulnerable and lacking self confidence, it’s okay to pump yourself up to be able to make it through. Giving yourself a pep talk and positive thoughts will help you to control your emotions. As long as you stay the course and climb your mountains, you will stay ambitious and motivated.

I was once cast for a project in Century City at Paramount Studios and I remember thinking about how huge of a moment it was for me. I also allowed myself to think, “My name probably isn’t even on the list at the guard gate.” Another example of negative self talk! When I pulled up to the gate to be let in and my name was on the list, I felt like I had really made it. It’s funny to look back on because it truly wasn’t such a big deal but it felt like it was to me at the time. In that moment, I really believed in myself and let the negativity slip away.

Don’t Listen to the Opinions of Others
Everyone has their own shortfalls and insecurities but you have to remember that other people don’t define you. They can’t overpower and intimidate you. I would share hopes and dreams with my friends and family in the Midwest and they’d laugh in my face. They’re really doing you a favor and showing you their own shortcomings and projecting it onto you. You can choose to make a conviction to believe in yourself and achieve what you want or you can surrender it and let other people control you.

Shine your light and in the moments that you feel small, give yourself compassion and build yourself back up. It won’t always happen quickly but it’s worth it. People that are successful know who they are and can go after what they want. They know where they’re going. When you compare yourself to others, you lose sight of who you truly are.

You may not even realize that you are uplifting other people. Other people can admire you and you can make an impact on their life. Try not to be so hard on yourself. As you get older you learn more about who you are.

Ways to Overcome Self Doubt:

  • Affirm yourself. Positive self talk goes a long way.

  • Do one thing that scares you every day.

  • Question your inner critic. Are these thoughts I’m having true? Am I being too hard on myself?

  • Set yourself up to win. Successes, whether big or small, help to keep you confident.

  • Help someone else.

  • Take time to care for yourself.

These few tips always help to pull me out of a rut and put me back on the right path. I love to climb mountains spiritually and when I refer back to this checklist of simple fixes I know that I can do anything I put my mind to.

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