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About Me

Hi there! I'm Jennifer!

In my personal life, I’ve walked through many overwhelming situations—one of which is living with Hashimoto’s Disease, a thyroid condition—and I’ve established a new normal on the other side. My hope lives on. I feel healed, and I pray my podcast helps you pursue healing in your own life as well.

I want to inspire you and equip you to find happiness no matter your situation. I know how important it is for community to lift each other up. In my daily life, I find companionship and inspiration in my priest, my close friends, and my family. In addition to these essential relationships, I find joy in you, my online community. I treasure every comment you leave, and I think of you often. I’m cheering you on.

Before finding my place in the blogosphere, I spent over 20 years in television and advertising. My teenage dream was to work in film in California, and after accomplishing that goal at an early age, I began to notice my passion for helping people. As I executed the technical requirements of my career roles, I recognized my deeper love for helping others navigate difficult waters. Eventually, I shifted my work life to accommodate this passion. Now, I focus my time and energy on lifting burdens from others. It’s my greatest joy.

When I’m not working with others to find happiness and peace, I can be found cycling, traveling, or hiking in my home state of Arizona. My dog, Cooper, is never too far from my side, and you, my friend, are never too far from my heart.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I hope you’ll stay a while.

Jennifer Deputy

“Some relationships are good for neither person and cause both to move backwards. Other relationships last, but there is no growth for either person, they just help each other stay the same. There are also relationships where one person will courageously grow even if the other does not want to take on the inner journey. And then there are the brave partnerships that support both in flourishing into better people. ”

- Yung Pueblo

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