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What are the hair trends for 2020 and 2021?


Kyra works for Prima Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona where she has been trying to look at this year’s unexpectedness through a positive lens and accept new opportunities that come her way. Her salon shut down in February where they stayed closed for a month but she used the time to work with her clients and take the extra time she found herself with to travel to them in order to meet their needs.

LAS011: What are the hair trends for 2020 and 2021?

Background with Kyra  
She is 24 years old and was born and raised near Madison, Wisconsin. She moved to Arizona a few years ago and has been in the hair industry for about five years. She attended a technical college specifically for hair called Madison College which she says was extremely fast-paced and intense. When she wasn’t in hair school she was working part time as a receptionist at a salon to get her foot in the door and to learn the ins and outs of salon life. 

Kyra knew she wanted to be a stylist for about ten years. She states that she thinks her interest came from being a dancer as a kid and having to do their hair and makeup in various ways for different dances. She knew a four year university wasn’t for her and wanted to try hair school to see how she would fare- she’s loved it ever since. 

She mentions plenty of people assuming that hair is more simple than what it is and how so much more work goes into being a hairstylist. Hair styling is definitely all about continuing education with things changing each year and with every season. Kyra says,“You can never be the best, you can always keep growing.” 

Kyra’s short term goal was to rent her own chair at a salon and she was given the opportunity sooner rather than later when her previous salon went out of business. It’s intimidating, but it gives her something to work towards, like looking for new clients to keep business coming in. In the future she’d love to have her own space in a studio or suite and potentially have her own salon. 

Her goals mean more work and come with more responsibility but she is focused on growth and seeing where her path takes her. 

Marketing techniques for getting new clients?

  1. Referrals – your clients tend to be a lot like you because you attract people you can talk to and get along with and have things in common with. Asking your clients to send you their family or friends is a huge way to get more business. 

  2. Instagram- Looking into using the right hashtags, having the right timing of posts, knowing what to caption your post, and taking more time to finish colors and styles so they look photo ready.

  3. Yelp – getting good reviews so people can look up your name and see previous positive experiences. 

What are popular colors and trends on clients right now?
Kyra says that a lot of blonde is popular with both guys and girls right now, and it also could be because of the season. Silver hair and pastels are also extremely popular because people don’t have to go to work in person or as normally right now so people are doing fun things with their hair. Even kids who aren’t going to school can try new styles or colors. 

A popular trend that has been consistent are beachy wave curls, which lots of people can’t achieve on their own and want help at learning how to do it. Lots of Kyra’s clients either ask her to style their hair with beach curls or ask for advice on how to achieve the look on their own. With the right curling wand, you can get the same look! She recommends the Hot Tools 1 inch curling wand and reminds us that you don’t always have to spend the most money to get the best product. 

Dyson hair dryer – pros and cons vs other products?
“Ultimately, it is the best dryer that is on the market for hair right now. Dyson tested a new technology for the way that it filters. Normal hair dryers have the filter on the back of the dryer and it could catch your hair. The Dyson has the filter on the bottom of the dryer, so you won’t get your hair caught and it’s supposed to dry the hair faster. Salons need time and the better dryers take less time. It also has a 2 year warranty which is amazing. Spending more money on something like that and that will last a little longer is totally worth it.” 

What fashion and beauty magazine is your favorite and why?
In-Style Magazine has a good selection of trends. There’s hair, nails, and beauty all in one. We carry it in the salon and I like flipping through it to see the trends. It’s fun to step back, sit down and relax to read something that’s easy to digest.

Advice to your younger self: Set goals and achieve them. Take time to make them (short or long term) and don’t lose sight of them. Try your best to achieve them. 

Hair Stylist Misconceptions
Kyra says a huge misconception would most likely be her age. People tend to wonder if she’ll know what she’s doing or if she can only do hair on younger people. 

Kyra focuses on being well-rounded to be able to work on every type of hair and to see what each client needs. 

Favorite Retail Store?
“Sephora has a great selection and everyone there is helpful. It would probably be my favorite to visit. I also love Ulta and it’s closer to me and I don’t have to deal with the mall traffic. Both stores are great places to get whatever you need and get any help with products.”

Who knows you best?
Kyra’s immediate response is her sister who recently moved in with her. She said they’ve always been close but Kyra went to college and moved away and then her sister did the same so they haven’t had an opportunity to be around each other like this since high school. She says even apart they had a close relationship and talked every day. They both love to help each other emotionally and they can read each other easily. 

Where can we find you?
Instagram @kyrakloeppinghair

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