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The Benefits of Being An Independent Woman


I’In today’s day and age it’s important to know how to stand on your own as a woman. Unexpected things happen around us all the time and the type of person you are will either help you continue to move to success or you might find yourself in a tough situation.

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LAS004: The Benefits of Being an Independent Woman

That’s why it’s so important to become an independent woman. One of the best benefits is that you can create your own autonomy.This allows you to share your own wisdom, confidence and knowledge with other people. When you do this, you become a role model for women and young children who so desperately need to see stable, strong role models. They need to be able to look up to someone that shows them being independent is achievable. 

When you are independent, you are still able to have a family and good relationships, but you always have your own personal dreams and money. 

Independence gives you options in your life. 

If you come across a situation that you don’t agree with whether it’s business or a relationship, you can choose to walk away. You don’t have to say yes to everything that comes your way. This leaves the chance for better opportunities to come along while you keep your values and your integrity. 

When you have options, you gain flexibility in your life. You are able to come and go the way that you want and take advantage of things that might pop up. You don’t need permission- you can embrace new things without thinking twice about it. This lets you use your time and money on things that you are passionate about. 

Being a Female Role Model

As an independent female, you become a role model for girls who are looking to be inspired and who look forward to bright futures. They need leadership and they want to see successful women doing what they hope to in the future. Take Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, for example. During COVID she was able to donate five million dollars to women in small businesses in order to help support them. 

She is the perfect example of a woman who found her voice and in turn found her own income. She is able to get behind causes that are important to her or that allows her to help people in need. 

I recently spoke to a friend whose ex husband had a heart attack and sadly passed away. She acknowledged how lucky she is to have started her own business and had money and a job to fall back on during her divorce and this tragedy. She knew that even though setbacks would come her way, she’d be able to take care of herself and her loved ones right away without relying on someone else or starting over. 

The Positives of Being an Independent Woman

  1. Takes the stress out of your life. 

  2. Flexibility to take advantages of new opportunities. 

  3. You can support other people’s ideas and dreams.

  4. You make your own hours – you choose when and where you want to work.

  5. You can decide the lifestyle you want to live. 

As an independent woman you can live up to your potential and not get stagnant. I’ve lived both sides of the coin on that one and spent years living up to my potential and years working part time and lost sight of passions and goals and didn’t feel inspired.

You can’t allow yourself to forget what your passions are and the skills you have that make you valuable. If you’re able to do this, you will stretch yourself to new lengths and meet challenges head on when they arise. 

Relationships and Independence

A huge plus to being independent is that it keeps you from being in dysfunctional situations and relationships that can harm your mental and physical health. For example, when you focus all your time and energy on what a man wants, you will come up short. However, if you spent your time being a whole person on your own, you’ll realize that the right person will see you and will appreciate you for what you are right away. 

Being an independent woman gives you privacy over your own life. You get to pick and choose who comes into your life and enjoy time with family without opening yourself up to someone else if you don’t want to. 

Connecting With Others 

You’re in position to connect with other like-minded people who will support who you are.

A great way to find this would be networking groups. You can talk to people who have similar goals and have experienced similar things that they can guide you through. This in turn helps you become a better listener. 

Lastly, as an independent woman, you will have a sense of purpose. This is the most rewarding aspect of being your own woman- you have something that is yours alone and no one else can take it away. 

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