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For years I wanted to create content that inspired women to lift your spirit and shift your perspective. Now I want to introduce you to my podcast, Lift and Shift, which will teach you exactly how to do that.

LAS001: Introducing Lift and Shift Podcast

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What Does Lift and Shift Mean and How Can it Serve You?

My name is Jennifer Deputy and I am currently living in Phoenix Arizona. I grew up around a boat manufacturing business, so I like to say that I grew up in entrepreneurship thanks to my dad. I learned how to promote, sell, and eventually launch products. I did this by coming up with original ideas and following my idea to fruition in order to sell it to the public.

Being an Entrepreneur Means Being a Visionary

My dad was always a great example of doing that- he could literally stand in a cornfield and see the vision for a neighborhood and point out where he thought everything should go and essentially show someone the whole concept by standing in the middle of nowhere and having his dream and visions come to life in someone else’s eyes.

He taught me how to build things from scratch early on in life and I took these skills and traits with me as I went to college. I eventually went to Business School at Pepperdine and would be in an entrepreneurship class where they were trying to teach e ntrepreneurship, but I think that’s a skill that is instinctively in you and you either have the gift for it or you don’t.

If your desire is to be an entrepreneur, you’ll have to learn to be a visionary and sell products that help other people.

Where does it all start?

I knew I wanted to do this by working in Hollywood at a young age. I got accepted to the University of Southern California’s filmmaking program at the age of 17, making me the youngest person they had ever accepted.

This was a big deal and I had to get permission from my school as well as letters from my parents to be able to attend. I eventually was left alone in LA for six weeks and had to learn how to be strong and independent if I wanted to achieve my goals. It took a big leap of faith and it was exciting, but also nerve wracking.

Believe In Yourself & You’ll Believe In Others

Somehow I pushed on and ended up writing and directing three films for which I got college credit and helped me graduate from Pepperdine University. I also got an internship when I was eighteen after my freshman year of college with Richard Zanuck (an American film producer most known for his 1989 film Driving Miss Daisy that eventually won the Academy Award for Best Picture).

This was someone who saw me and believed in my talents at a young age. Because of this I was able to work behind the scenes in casting his wife’s film and I loved to help pick young talent out just like Richard did with me. It’s inspiring to find people that are really trying to make it to the next level but haven’t found the confidence to do so yet.

I loved the production side of things even though I started in performing arts. I love the camera but I didn’t love being in front of it as much as I loved being behind it. The coordination of working on projects and building people up along the way until you can entertain the public with what you’ve created is fulfiling. It’s a high to be able to transport people somewhere else in their minds for a little bit.

A Life Shift

In the middle of all of this and taking my career to the next level I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in 2005. It’s an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism, in which your immune system attacks your thyroid.

That took me down a new road. I was used to being the life of the party. Used to working and having boyfriends and traveling, but it brought down my self confidence and zapped my energy.

All of the sudden, I was putting on weight and having to go on diets unlike my friends and having to work out more. I learned it was an ongoing process that I am still dealing with daily. As my friends were focused on getting married and starting families I was learning how to focus on my inner beauty and health.

I learned that we are here to serve other people.

I had to learn not to compare myself to other people and how to pick myself up and trust that I would find the right path for myself to pursue my passions, and that is how I knew that my path was to serve other people.

I do that by listening with empathy, running errands for someone else, and taking care of other people. I believe in my friends and am honored to help them. I knew that creating a podcast and focusing on uplifting yourself and others was a way that I could serve.

What Lift and Shift Means to Me

When you lift and shift it means to create a vision for yourself and your life. To give yourself permission to be happy and then to step into the next step, trusting the next ten steps you have planned will meet you.

This alone creates a ripple effect into the world – while holding your intentions in your heart with the love and the intentions that you will need to carry you through any oppositions you will face. And I’m here to tell you that you will face oppositions.

We cannot lift and shift ourselves when we allow others to bring anger and envy into our lives. You cannot compare or compete against anyone else.

This is a space where we can build each other up by encouragement, inspiration and engage each other every week.

Our time is now.

I think that this day and age is a new time for women. And it can be a new time for you if you come out of the corner where it’s comfortable and stop not showing up and start showing up. We can do this by developing something that can be beneficial to women and elevate women’s voices and tell relatable stories for people that want to share and open up.

Lifting & shifting your mindset is about being authentic and real with yourself and with others. It means to get out there and start playing with life again because the rules are changing for women and everyone is trying to figure out who they are but it changes day by day.

I am here to share my highs and lows with you through this podcast (while it’s not a straight line completely because my life did not turn out how I had hoped in my early teens and 20s).

The Life You Want is Available to You

I thought that I would go into the film business but after I got sick I couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t have the energy so I had to find a new career.

You must hold yourself to a higher standard of life with lift and shift and don’t engage with people who abuse you or take you for granted. Do not apologize for having dreams for yourself – then forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made and shift upwards into a higher level of joy and opportunities.

God will bring you to the path you were meant to be on – regardless of any detours you take.

The world needs you now more than ever.

Begin lifting upwards with hope in your heart and shifting into your destiny – it means when life derails you with moments like divorce, illness, a pandemic, a recession, you take that opportunity to shift into your goals and don’t let those events deter you. You must stay on top of your tasks and goals, even during a crisis.

You must press on and push through the heartache to find peace on the other side. Only then will you gain the wisdom you will need up ahead to achieve your dreams. After all, isn’t that what the world could use more of these days?

What lift & shift is about:

  • It’s about change and how to better yourself and your life and how to live to your full potential, facing challenges that you may encounter, to get to where you need to be.

  • Making positive, healthy changes and choices.

  • Learning how to deal with negative people that will try and bring you down while trying to reach YOUR goals.

  • How to develop your good support system of people that will raise you up versus tear you down.

And lastly, it’s about striving to develop your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty. It’s about balance.

Moving forward in life being positive and optimistic. It’s a mindset makeover. Change your thoughts and that will change your heart and how you are feeling. I hope that this podcast and my blog will help you to start doing these things.

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